Look into the eyes of the blind [8 pictures]

Related eBooks In early 2013, photographer Ruben Plasencia worked with ONCE, Spain’s organization for the blind, to create a series of portraits that focused the gaze of the blind… (via Slate) See more at Plasencia’s site.

If Strangers Are Staring At You In The Subway, Do What This Kid Did. Keep Singing.

Another awesome reminder not to judge other people too quickly.

This Commercial Isn't Real, But It's Brutally Honest

Like all great satire, this video also exposes some important truths.

Polar Bear Cub Plays in Frozen Kiddie Pool (Video)

The best part at the 1:12 mark in the video: via Say OMG

Be Sure To Have The Auto Insurance Coverage You Need

Some of the factors that affect the cost of insurance can be changed and some are fixed. Having higher deductibles on your policy will lower the cost of the premiums. This article discusses what you need to know to obtain the best prices on car insurance. Driving Record Keep a clean driving record. Having tickets […]

Can you see the snipers in these photos? They can see you… [19 pictures]

Photographer Simon Menner was recently given permission to document the work of snipers in the German army. He chose to do so by taking photos of them where, in fact, you couldn’t see them. His photos are beautiful, if stark, landscapes that seem to have nothing to do with snipers. And that’s exactly the point […]

A Piece To Help You With Your Auto Repair Needs

When you have the keys to your car, the world is your oyster. Whatever you want to do, you can get there with ease. The flip side of this coin, is the possibility of unexpected breakdowns and inconvenience. Go over this article to learn more about getting your car roadworthy once again. If you have […]