Some Tips To Keep Your Car Running Well.

Getting a car fixed can be costly. As if the cost of parts weren’t enough, labor costs can be astronomical. Do you want to save some money by doing your own repairs? You can now using the tips below. Be sure your mechanic has an A.S.E. certification prior to letting them fix your car. This […]

Some Things To Consider About Automobile Insurance

Having affordable car insurance is a possibility. Just make sure you follow the rules that the insurance companies have in store, and follow the advice in this article. Many factors are considered when assigning rates to drivers. You need to understand the different coverage types offered when you are searching for an auto insurance policy. […]

Jimmy Carter: Peace Now Could Be More Difficult Than When I Was President

Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that he didn’t think Israel-Palestinian peace is easier today than when he was president. Carter said so while participating in a discussion on the status of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process as well as the conflict in Syria hosted by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. “I don’t think it’s […]

Anderson Cooper: So, where are the figures on Obamacare sign-ups?

Does anyone believe that the govt doesn't have figures on how many people or how few have created accounts on the obamacare website? — Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper) October 11, 2013 Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Sunday couldn’t egg Treasury Secretary Jack Lew into spilling any information on actual Obamacare enrollments. Lew was insistent on giving […]

Auto Diagnostic Tools Can Help Speed up Your Auto Repair

With the development of the times, vehicle maintenance technology has made tremendous progress. A variety of automotive diagnostic tools plays a huge role in automotive maintenance. Believe it or not, an auto repair diagnostic tool can be one of the most important tools your auto mechanic has in his toolbox. Why? Well, a good auto […]

Auto Repair Insurance

Each time your car breaks down, does the repair cost make a hole in your pocket? If yes, why not go for auto repair insurance. Whenever your car breaks down, the insurance companies pay for the repair costs. You just need to pay a premium every month, which most people prefer than paying a lump […]

‘My Capital One card joined Westboro': PR fail mockery after Baldwin meltdown

Utterly amazing that @CapitalOne is mum on Baldwin. And by "amazing," I mean disgusting. — AJ Delgado (@AJDelgado13) June 29, 2013 Mouth-foaming misogynist actor Alec Baldwin bid farewell to Twitter (again) after unleashing a torrent of violent, anti-gay hate on a Daily Mail writer this week. On Friday, he explained that in his culture, “toxic […]

Why Reuters Ditched Its Big Web Push

View this image › Reuters CEO Andrew Rashbass Via Reuters Wednesday decided that it cares more about its business than its brand, ending a big bet on becoming a major player in online news. In a memo sent to the company today, Reuters chief executive Andrew Rashbass announced that the company will end its […]