The IRS Guy Is Having A Worse Day Than You

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Greta Van Susteren has spoiled her appetite

Just decided…will never eat DOTS again (feel sick)….dinner at the Fox Breakroom vending machine gets old fast.. — Greta Van Susteren (@greta) July 12, 2012 This is why we recommend always keeping an emergency supply of Lunchables on hand.

How To Make Your Car Repair Environment Safer

Every business owner wants his or her company to flourish and employees to be safe on the job. High-risk environments, whether industrial manufacturing or auto repair, take special precautions to keep harmful chemicals properly labeled, stored, and added to vehicles. There are numerous ways to increase the safety of your car repair company, including increasing […]

The First Official Picture Of Benedict Cumberbatch In “The Imitation Game” Has Arrived

1. The film’s official Twitter account posted the below image on Tuesday in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s posthumous royal pardon of the famous mathematician. View this image › Black Bear Pictures / Via Twitter: @tigmovie

Community Post: Cat Tries To Get Comfortable

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Google Brings Ancient Bible Scrolls, Ten Commandments Online

Google is making it much easier yet again to see ancient scripture right in the comfort of your own home. The search engine giant announced on Tuesday that it is bringing some of the earliest known copies of part of the Bible to the online world, along with other texts more than 2,000 years old. […]

Baby Blues Singer (Video)

Luca is a little boy who is less than two years old and can’t really talk yet, but he can already sing the blues! via

Community Post: Captain Crunch Deserves A Promotion

1. Captain Horatio Megellan Crunch has been with us since 1963. That’s also, presumably, when he was promoted to the rank of captain. View this image › 2. That means he’s been a captain for 50 years. View this image › 3. That means he’s served as a captain throughout the Cold War, […]

This Is What Famous Movie Scenes Looked Like BEFORE The Effects Were Added. Um… Wow.

Think of the last time you went to the movies. Even if you watched a film about slavery or truck drivers, if it wasn’t a documentary, odds are it was filled with visual effects. Hollywood has perfected the art of CGI to where you won’t even realize what you’re looking at is completely faked. Thanks […]