What You Should Know About Car Repair

Related eBooks If you are careless with your car repairs, you can end up shelling out a lot of money. Besides becoming familiar with your car’s model, you can learn other tricks. Keep reading to save money and time later. A breakdown can happen at any time, so it is important to have an emergency […]

Ways To Make Your Next Auto Purchase A Breeze

You deserve to have a good car for a great price. It’s a new day and you can make some changes. There is some great information here about getting the best deal on a vehicle. Never succumb to the salesperson’s tactics by agreeing to purchase a vehicle priced beyond your budget. A salesperson will say […]

Must-read: Sharyl Attkisson previews Benghazi whistleblowers’ bombshells

For some fine work on Benghazi, go to profile page of @SharylAttkisson and read the tweets & follow the links. — Brit Hume (@brithume) May 6, 2013 Indeed. CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson is continuing her fierce and fearless coverage of Benghazi. MUST SEE > The terrific@sharylattkisson is RIGHT NOW tweeting about Greg Hicks, the Libyan Embassy […]

See Something, Say Nothing

In an early Tom Stoppard play called After Magritte, a family returns home after visiting an exhibit of paintings by the famous Belgian surrealist René Magritte. (You know: The guy who has it raining little men with bowler hats, or who gave us a pipe with the caption, “Ceci n’est pas une pipe,” and so […]

39 People With Watercolor Paintings Tattooed To Their Bodies

1. View this image › reflectionsuponmyskin.blogspot.it 2. View this image › tumblr.com 3. View this image › 121clicks.com 4. View this image › pinterest.com 5. View this image › penny-laine.blogspot.co.nz 6. View this image › wordpress.com By Amanda Wachob. 7. View this image › izismile.com By Amanda Wachob. 8. View this image › pinterest.com 9. […]

What Happens Right Before You Go Into Labor Will Ruin You Forever

TL;DR: It’s like the most epic sneeze ever from your vagina. 1. Having a baby sounds like the best thing on Earth, right? Many of us dream about the glorious day we will welcome a new life into this world. View this image › modgif.tumblr.com 2. But something quite strange happens right before you go […]

9 Things You Need To Know About The Dating App Created Exclusively For Queer Women

Dattch, created in the UK, has finally landed in the States. It’s a brand new day, ladies. 1. A new (and totally free) dating app, Dattch, boasts that it’s the first dating app “built by lesbians, for lesbians.” View this image › Dattch The app’s main web page states, “Women aren’t the same as men. […]

Serena Williams Wants To Open Her Own Nail Salon

The new documentary Venus and Serena is the story of how the Williams sisters became world class tennis players. Fashion is an integral part of their rise to the top as not only athletes, but also celebrities. The sisters have a huge fan in Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who photographed them for the magazine, and […]