Amazon And Twitter Team Up With #AmazonCart

Related eBooks Customers can add items to their shopping cart without leaving Twitter. Video available at: Amazon on Monday announced a feature that allows shoppers to add items to their Amazon shopping cart via Twitter. According to a video release from Amazon, if shoppers see tweet containing a product link to something on […]

Khloe Kardashian At LAX

Fab or drab? View this image › Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

Simple Steps On How To Get Cheap Auto Insurance

Some of the factors that affect the cost of insurance can be changed and some are fixed. You can, however, lower the cost by accepting higher deductibles and improving your credit. The tips in this piece can prove valuable in your search for the lowest prices for car insurance. Make sure you understand the different […]

The Most Popular Songs on Spotify in 2013

2013 was a big year for Spotify – it streamed over 4.5 billion songs. That’s a shit ton of songs. I probably added to a solid 1% of that number this weekend by listening to Story of My Life on repeat but I’ll pretend I never told you that. Here are the top 10 songs […]

5 Things That Are Popular And I Don’t Understand Why

As a betch, it’s required that you have knowledge of what’s popular in the world. In contrast, a betch is also expected to question authority if she sees fit. I didn’t even read the book in high school, but I know that this is the whole meaning of a catch 22. That being said, there […]

Have The Right Knowledge Base Concerning Auto Repair

Whenever your vehicle breaks down, your only concern should be getting it running again. It’s very hard to get around when your car is not working. You may think you have to spend a lot of money on auto repairs; however, this is not usually the case. There are a great number of repairs you […]

Universal Video Chat? Polycom Is Getting Close

When Steve Jobs unveiled Apple’s video-conferencing product, FaceTime, he promised Apple would work to break down the barriers between video services to make them all compatible with each other. That never happened, of course. However, Polycom — a company that specializes in video-communication hardware — now appears to be taking on the challenge, unveiling a […]

Useful Guidance For Buying The Car You Need

Are you looking to buy a new car? Maybe you’re unaware of what search for, or you simply do not have time. Stop yourself from wasting valuable time and finances with inefficient car hunting by employing the advice of this article. It can help you discover all the knowledge you need to make this easy. […]