How Do Auto Insurance Companies Determine Your Insurance Rates?

Related eBooks Did You Know? If you switch auto insurance policies, and don’t cancel the previous policy, it will be added to your credit report as ‘canceled due to non-payment’. If your car insurance needs to be renewed, and you are wondering how much you are going to have to shell out this time, then […]

Sharks Make Movies Better

1. View this image › 2. View this image › 3. View this image › 4. View this image › 5. View this image › 6. View this image › SEE THEM ALL: @ Sharks Make Movies Better. They just started, so you should bookmark — because the possibilities are endless.

26 Haunting Photos Of The London Fog

1. 1 July 1907: St Pancras Railway Station. View this image › Topical Press Agency / Getty Images 2. 1 October 1919: An iceman delivers in the fog. View this image › Topical Press Agency / Getty Images 3. 1 November 1922: Ludgate Circus. View this image › Topical Press Agency / Getty Images 4. […]

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in the US

When a person buys a car, truck, or any other vehicle, there is no guarantee that they will not meet with any kind of accident or face any loss as a result of theft. So one needs to make sure beforehand that there are proper facilities to cover all these losses. And in order to […]

This Is What Happens When You Ask Men And Women To Explain The Penis

Turns out, no one knows anything. 1. We asked a group of women to explain male anatomy using a highly accurate medical model. Video available at: 2. And we did the same exact thing with a group of men. Video available at: 3. So how did everyone do? Well, both the […]

People Around The World Watching The Transit Of Venus

1. Lahore, Pakistan View this image › ARIF ALI / Getty Images 2. Lahore, Pakistan View this image › ARIF ALI / Getty Images 3. Guwahati, India View this image › STRDEL / Getty Images 4. Guwahati, India View this image › Anupam Nath / AP 5. Tel Aviv, Israel View this image › JACK […]

Community Post: Highly Endangered Rhino Gives Birth And Other Links

View this image › During the production of any movie, terrible decisions are made. But at least 6 times this managed to turn into great moments on film. – [Cracked] These artists were known for being extremely serious but even in the days before Facebook embarrassing photos of you playing piano in your underwear couldn’t […]

LG Unveils Optimus L9 With 4.7-Inch Screen, 1 GHz Dual-Core CPU

LG has unveiled Optimus L9, its most powerful L-series smartphone so far. Though L-series devices are essentially stylish smartphones for consumers on a budget, the L9 has some pretty solid specifications, including a 4.7-inch IPS screen, 1 GB of RAM and a dual-core, 1 GHz processor. The device, which runs on Android 4.9 or Ice […]